Exhibition Countdown: days

Location: Hangzhou International Expo Center

Address: No. 353, Benjing Avenue - Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District 311215 Hangzhou, Zhejiang - China

Exhibition Introduction

Natural gas is an important foundation for China to promote the energy production and consumption revolution, to achieve the green and low-carbon replacement of the main energy. It is also a transition bridge for China to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and effective energy system, to improve energy supply security and achieve the goal of 'Carbon Neutrality'. The safe supply of LNG is an important part of the safety and stability of China's energy supply chain.

For promotion of the high-quality development of China's energy industry, comprehensively demonstrating the latest technologies, products and solutions in the field of LNG domestically and internationally, and establishment of an efficient interactive platform for both supply and demand, CIGIA and Energy Utilization and Safety Branch will hold 2024 China International LNG and Gas Supply Equipment and Technology Exhibition in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province on September 4-6, 2024.

During the same period of the exhibition, there will be summit forums and online live events such as LNG, gas safety, digital artificial intelligence, hydrogen energy, electronic gases, fire/medical gas engineering, hydrogen medicine and gas health, and gas analysis. The exhibition area will be up to more than 20,000 square meters and the professional audience will be up to 20,000 persons.

At the same time, the exhibition will continue to introduce the 2024 CIGIA Innovative Product Awards and CIGIA Innovative Enterprise Awards for enterprises and products and present CIGIA Gold Award Product in each category of innovative products.

The exhibition that is to be organized by CIGIA will be more authoritative and professional. Regardless of the numbers of exhibitors and professional visitors, contents of exhibits, the scientific and technological content, the professional degree and exhibition effects, it can be regarded as the leading level of the global gases industry. CIGIA will invite overseas buyers for online / offline docking cooperation. The exhibition organizers will cooperate with many domestic and foreign media to follow up and report in real time.

2024 China International LNG and Gas Supply Equipment and Technology Exhibition will be held on September 4-6, 2024 at Hangzhou International Expo Center! We sincerely welcome your participation and visit!